Admission Procedures

The following admission procedure is a reflection of the Governing Body's expression of the vision and aims of the school. The Principal, as Executive Manager, must apply them accordingly.

1.    Admission forms are available from the beginning of the third term, and applications close at the end of the third term, except in extraordinary cases where well -motivated late applications will be considered. The prescribed form for admission needs to be completed in full and must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for each learner.  A separate application form must be completed for admission to the hostel. Hostel application forms will be available only if a learner has been admitted to the school.

2.    The school will only be responsible for the consideration of applications if the application register is signed on delivery of the documents. The school therefore does not take responsibility for application documents sent by post.

3.    At enrolment learners may not exceed the prescribed age for a specific grade by more than two years:

Gr. 8 : 13 yrs, Gr. 9 : 14 yrs, Gr. 10 : 15 yrs, Gr. 11 : 16 yrs, Gr. 12 : 17 yrs

4.    Admission is subject to the verification of the most recent academic record of the learner’s
    previous school.

5.    The following documentation must be attached to the completed application form:

    • A certified copy of the learner’s most recent school report (show original)

    • ID or birth certificate (certified copy)

    • Immunisation card (certified copy)

    • Photo (passport size)
6.    The learner and the parent/guardian are required to underwrite and uphold the mission, aims and policy of the school by signing an undertaking upon registration. Hereby, the acceptance of the admission requirements, submission to the disciplinary rules as well as all other school rules and internal measures is confirmed. Applicants and their parents/guardians must therefore sign the following legally binding documents upon registration (code of conduct and drug policy available at school):
    • Code of conduct
    • Declaration/proposal
    • Drug Policy
    • Indemnity form

7.    The minimum financial responsibilities must be taken care of on the day of enrolment.