At Ferdinand Postma High School we strive towards the ideal of creating a micro-milieu in which every learner can develop and optimise his or her academic, sport, cultural and social potential to become a balanced individual who can take his/her place in the macro-environment of a multicultural South Africa and make a unique and meaningful contribution.

We realize our vision in the formulation of our mission:


At Ferdinand Postma we

    • strive to develop a climate of mutual respect for the cultural diversity of our society and uphold values that reflect the essence of Human Rights;

    • make use of educational opportunities to facilitate the growth of our learners towards becoming enterprising and responsible young South African citizens;

    • expect maximum involvement of all parties;

    • motivate educators and learners to remain lifelong learners;

    • regard academic excellence as non-negotiable;

    • offer support to learners who experience gaps in  various fields;

    • pledge to do everything possible to ensure that the school is a successful educational institution with a transparent and democratic management style and a sound financial basis;

    • create opportunities for learners to be exposed to an enriching and expanding range of career possibilities.