Hockey / Hokkie

Bayer League / Bayerliga


During the Bayer Hockey League finals, both our 1st team boys, as well as our 1st team girls won the Bayer League.

Our junior girls A and junior boys, both came in second place.

Our junior girls B came in fourth place in the overall League.

Schoonspruit Night Series / Aandreeks

August 2019

SHS Fin o15_4.jpg
SHS Fin 1st.jpg

Both our o/15 as well as 1st team girls won the Schoonspruit Night Series in their shootouts

North West Runner-ups / Noordwes Naaswenners

Hokkie Naaswenners NW.jpg

Our senior boys team was the North-West runner-ups

Noordvaal Kleinskole Liga


Hokkie 015 NV wenners.jpg

Our u/15 girls won the league!!


Our 1st team girls ended 5th in the league